Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Leak Part 2

Now you can see the massive amount of soil that was needed to clean up this sewage leak. After hours and hours of pumping, shoveling, and packing, the foundatio... READ MORE

Old Plumbing Needs Updating

Old plumbing in apartment buildings need to be checked and inspected regularly. When landlords and owners don't check the 50 year old plumbing under the buildin... READ MORE

Hardwood Can Mold

Hardwood floors look beautiful and can last longer then 100 years if treated properly. Your animal used the bathroom on a potty pad for the weekend while you we... READ MORE

Sewage Leak

This job was quite a difficult one, the specifics of the job where that a apartment complex has started leaking sewage and water into the crawlspace of the apar... READ MORE

H&R Block Water Job

This particular job was a local H&R Block that suffered from water damage that had happened nearly a month ago. Even though the damage had happened so long ... READ MORE

Thermal Imaging

With thermal imaging we can see leaks and wet spots after a rain storm. The blue color is where the water is coming in. The ceiling has a leak and the dry wall ... READ MORE

Bathroom Stairs

This is what we like to call Bathroom Stairs. Homeless like to use the bathroom in the corner of the stairs in this apartment building. The only way to get rid ... READ MORE

No Place can stop SERVPRO!

If you have a problem with your home call SERVPRO! No place can stop SERVPRO from getting the job done. This homeowner had Rotten wood under the house and on th... READ MORE

Water Mitigation- Hancock Park

This residence located in Hancock Park, CA suffered a water loss. As you can see in the before picture the restroom flooring was significantly affected and requ... READ MORE

Water Mitigation- Hollywood

This home located in Hollywood, CA suffered water damage. As you can see in the before picture a large portion of the ceiling was affected as well as the surrou... READ MORE