Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Mitigation- Hancock Park

This residence located in Hancock Park, CA suffered a water loss. As you can see in the before picture the restroom flooring was significantly affected and requ... READ MORE

Water Mitigation- Hollywood

This home located in Hollywood, CA suffered water damage. As you can see in the before picture a large portion of the ceiling was affected as well as the surrou... READ MORE

Water Loss in Los Angeles, CA

This before picture is the aftermath of a sewage back up and shower overflow. As you can see the entire shower flooring was affected and was completely covered ... READ MORE

Water Loss- Los Feliz, CA

This before picture shows a moisture reader being used to detect the amount and/or percentage of moisture on a surface. Our SERVPRO crew discovered that there w... READ MORE

Water Loss- Hancock Park, CA

As you can see in the before picture, this restroom was affected by a sewage back up and toilet overflow. Notice the significant amount of sewage that affected ... READ MORE

Water Damage- Los Angeles

This residence suffered a major water loss. The entire common kitchen area was affected due to a leak underneath the kitchen sink that went undetected for sever... READ MORE

High Rise Condo-Saved from Catastrophe

When the washing machine water supply line upstairs ruptured, the homeowner below literally witnessed it "rain indoors." The property management company called ... READ MORE

Damaged Home

A water leak cause internal damage in the walls, which had to be restored immediately.

Parking water damage cleanup

The parking had a leak which made a mess within it. SERVPRO professionals came in and cleaned it up.

Parking Structure Water Damage

A leak coming from the ceiling of the parking left it a mess, until SERVPRO professionals came in and handled it.