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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Working with ERnet SERVPRO branch has made Sunrise Senior Living organization successful in remediation efforts.

Our second floor master bathroom shower stall leaked into a downstairs bedroom. My plumber recommended that I call SERVPRO to deal with the damage and mold that had developed. I contacted them and was pleased with the promptness with which they responded to my call. I dealt with Raffi who from the beginning was very reassuring and inspired confidence in me that they would do a good job. He was very courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He and his crew came and cleaned out all the mold. They were punctual, worked efficiently and left the room in pristine condition. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

When your life gets turned upside down due to a mold problem, call this company. SERVPRO and their team are superb. Last month, we had the unfortunate experience of discovering a mold problem in our guest bathroom. After doing some research and getting a couple of estimates for mold remediation, we decided to go with SERVPRO. Their team was very personable, professional and most importantly: thorough. If you have the unfortunate experience of needing mold remediation, I would highly recommend this company. 

SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood are truly deserving of 5 stars. I would give them more if it was possible. I recommend them highly! I faced a horrible situation where a pipe burst in a wall and flooded a storage area and mold developed. Of course, it was discovered at 5pm. We called SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood and within an hour a crew was on site remedying the situation. The SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood crew was extremely professional and helped me tremendously through a horrible experience. Look no further....just call SERVPRO of Hancock Park/Hollywood!

SERVPRO saved my life when I found a very bad case of mold in my attic after not being up there for years. I was scared for my family's health and needed to make sure it was eliminated completely, and that is exactly what the SERVPRO team did for me. Great work!

I didn't even realize how serious the mold case that I had in my house is, until I suspected something fishy and sent after SERVPRO. They took the time and effort to actually make sure that no traces of mold were left behind, and that gives me some ease of mind to have my children in the house again. SERVPRO workers are very professional and you can expect the best treatment and results from them.